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Battle of The Blondes
Career Highlights

This is where I'm going to put all the stuff that the divas have won through their short careers.

Britney Spears: (excuse my mistakes if I don't
write all the stuff she's won and stuff)
Awards Won: MTV Video Awards, Teen Choice, MTV Europe Video
Awards,Billboard Awards, AMA Awards,Grammy Award, Recording
Industry of America, MuchMusic, and in other countries
all around the world.
Movies: The Princess Diaries
C.D.s: baby one more time, oops...I did it Again.
Hit Singles: Baby one more time, Oops...I did it Again,
Sometimes, From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, Stronger,Lucky.

Jessica Simpson
Awards Won: MTV, CosmoGirl, Teen Choice
C.D.s: Sweet Kisses
Hit Singles: I Wanna Love You Forever, I Think I'm In Love
With You, Where You Are(duet with Nick Lachey)

Christina Aguilera
Awards Won: Grammy, MTV, AMA, TeenChoice, Teen
C.D.s: Christina Aguilera
Hit Singles: What A Girl Wants, Come On Over, Genie In A Bottle, Reflection, I Turn To You, Nobody Wants To Be
Lonely (duet with Ricky Martin)

Mandy Moore
Awards Won: I don't know. probably not much.
Movies: The Princess Diaries
C.D.s: I Wanna Be With You, So Real
Singles: Candy, I Wanna Be With You, Walk Me Home

Christina Aguilera

Christina in Come On Over

Christina in Come On Over music video.

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Mandy in Black

Every week I'll change the best Dressed poll by judging
by their clothes.

1.Mandy Moore: This Girl has enuff sense to cover up and
be sweet at the same time.
2.Jessica Simpson: one sophisticated lady!
3.Britney Spears: sexy and smoking hot.
4.Christina Aguilera: oh chris...what is that shit all over you?